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We are accelerating the world's transition towards smart, responsible, and profitable operations.
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Our Story

The world is undergoing a shift. Supply chains are getting smarter. We are on the verge of a more transparent future where every product is traceable. In this new age, the future belongs to those with real time insights - so they can make better decisions in every aspect of their business. 

But when it comes to data in supply chain and retail operations, too many companies are still flying blind, using incomplete or out of date information.

This is because solutions have traditionally been slow, laborious, and expensive to deploy.

Until now. Chainlane's RFID platform is a fast, efficient, and affordable solution for data-driven decision makers with products to track or shift.

We unlock true visibility for every enterprise by quickly and easily integrating with your existing systems at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

“With a platform this accessible, we are accelerating the world's transition towards smart, responsible, and profitable operations. And we believe one thing – the more you see, the more you succeed.”

Haim Baron, CEO of Chainlane

Our journey

How we got there


Cloud-native solution introduced

Mobile application goes live Partners/Reseller program launched

Total value of tracked packages reaches $100M


We go multilingual

UK office opens

Denso Wave Global partnership announced


Client onboarding automated

SATO partnership announced

Logistics solutions launched


Food & Beverage solution launched

Manufacturing solution launched

North American operation established


RFKeeper rebrands to "Chainlane"

The leadership team behind chainlane

Haim Baron CEO



Gary Tattersail Managing Director Europe


VP of Sales

Nika Yakoboviz Director of Finance


Director of Finance

Ben Eldar Chief Business Officer


Chief Business Officer

Where to find us

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Tel Aviv

3 Arye Shenkar Street, Herzliya, Israel, 4672503.

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Regus House, Fairbourne Drive, Atterbury,
Milton Keynes, MK10 9RG, United Kingdom.

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