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Service, the way you need it. From breakfast and brunches, snacks and dinner, our stock transparency platform makes it simple to see where F&B items are on their journey to bar, restaurant, and more around the globe.
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See everything. Sell everywhere.

Stock tactics

Remove stock inaccuracies. Get an accurate overview of your inventory and validate supplier shipments while keeping your business stocked just right.

Save money

Reduce deployment costs with our tech agnostic, work-anywhere solution that is flexible and seamlessly integrates with your existing systems.

Fully customizable

Agile, adaptable, and configurable, with an expert team behind to design and deploy needed bespoke features.

Full control

Uncover opportunities, enhance just-in-time deliveries, and reduce pain points including inventory management and stocktaking expenses.


Inventory accuracy


Shipping validation


In-building item availability


Compliance with expiration dates

What others are saying about us

When it comes to customized supply chain solutions, only Chainlane was able to suit the unique needs of our customers.

Graham Parker, Sales & Accounts Director, RAS

We feel lucky partnering with Chainlane, as they understand the supply chain industry really well and come up with creative and fitting solutions.

Mutluhan TİMURÇİN, Business Development Director, Aybil

Chainlane understand the ins and outs of all that is the supply chain, including the steps needed to improve its process across the board.

Stephen Hull Director, Business Development, SATO America

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