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Track and trace your entire inventory in an instant, saving time and money moving goods across warehousing, fulfillment, distribution, and all the way to the last mile.
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Less friction, more flow

Unparalleled views

Power up next-level inventory knowledge with accurate, up-to-date information on all assets, their locations, and status.

Seamless integration

Dramatically reduce deployment costs with a flexible and technically advanced system that works with existing processes, workflows, and management systems.

Agile solution

Since each business is different, we provide immense flexibility, helping design, deploy, and implement a direction to fit your specific needs, logistics, and capabilities.

The future of logistics

From shrinkage to lost assets, chargeback, and more, our real-time insights open up a world of possibilities for improvement.


Inventory accuracy


Loss reduction


Dwell time accuracy


Parts availability

What others are saying about us

Our customers are in a need for a sophisticated supply chain solution, and working with Chainlane allows us to provide them exactly with that.

Michihiro Niwa, General Manager, Denso Japan

Almost everyone is trying to improve their logistic operations, in warehouse, end locations & any data points. Chainlane are the only ones who have an End-To-End platform that is easy to use and provides what’s needed to improve.

Yaniv Cohen, Operation Manager, Rosen Meents

Chainlane truly understood supply chain challenges and could put together a solution that fit just right.

Jean Daniel Bouchard, Business Management & Business Development, Inventory People

There are plenty of RFID suppliers, but we choose Chainlane because they understood more about the process, the business needs of customers, and how to put it all together.

Stephen Evans, Technical Services Director, Amberstone Security

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