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When it comes to tracking assets, counting products, validating shipments, and more, you need a flexible platform. Discover how Chainlane's RFID solution provides centralised actionable insights.
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Why Chainlane

Visibility - See More

With Chainlane’s platform, you can see everything happening in the supply chain at all times. We use advanced technologies to track items accurately and gather important data to improve business operations.

Data - Understand More

Chainlane offers comprehensive supply chain information to organizations, including data on product locations, demand, and more, to enable them to increase efficiency and profitability.

Intelligence - Execute More

Extract real-time insights to achieve the desired results for your organization with Chainlane’s platform, helping you make intelligent and clever use of your data necessary for success.

Growth - Succeed More

The ability to do more, adapt to trends, and evolve with the market. Now you can improve customer satisfaction and bottom line sales with ultimate visibility of your inventory from end-to-end.

What does true visibility mean to you?

How it works

Supply Chain Management

Optimize all sales channels (online & offline) into a true omni-channel operation where any organization can maximize assets & resources for increased profit and improved customer experience.

Data Analysis

Generate relevant details in real-time to measure and optimize performance across all supply chain activities, revealing hidden insights and opportunities to improve delivery and distribution, location and positioning, in-store efforts, and more.

Active Dashboard Management

Continually improve your performance metrics thanks to an updated real-time view of your supply chain operations, allowing your teams to actively manage and report on status and needs.

Technology Agnostic

Gain compatibility with advanced data collection technologies, including RFID, QR, barcode, NFC, and BLE, allowing for customization and combination of the best solutions to fit your needs.

Painless Integration

Quick to start and economical all the way thanks to an out-of-box SaaS solution for hassle-free integration with your existing technology, including various ERP/WMS/POS systems.


Transition towards intelligent, accurate, and sustainable supply chain operations!  Chainlane supports a variety of tags & sensors to automatically capture required data for enhanced value and sustainability to any organization

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