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Transform a one-off transaction into a continuous stream of revenue. Integrate Chainlane’s SaaS platform with your hardware and you'll become a one-stop-shop for all your client’s supply chain and inventory visibility needs. Now that's what we call indispensable.

Easy integration

Some people call it plug and play, we call it: faster and simpler. Bring your client’s operation online. Our software supports IoT devices and integrates with existing software applications, including WMS, ERP, and MRP.

Beyond visibility

Chainlane leverages industry 4.0 technology including digital twins to equip your clients with better insights, faster deployment, and more valuable decision-making.

Your expert team

We're here to help you succeed. Our extensive knowledge of the retail, food and beverage, logistics, and manufacturing industries helps us understand your business and clients' challenges to deliver better solutions and outcomes.

What others are saying about us

Customized supply chain solutions. Only Chainlane was able to suit the unique needs of our retail customers.

Graham Parker, Sales & Accounts Director, RAS

We have chosen to partner with Chainlane owing to their ability to provide a holistic approach to complex solutions delivered to our partners and customers.

Emiel Van Dreumel, Sales Operations Manager, SATO Benelux

There are plenty of RFID suppliers, but we choose Chainlane because they understood more about the process, the business needs of customers, and how to put it all together.

Stephen Evans, Technical Services Director - Amberstone Security

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