In today's digital age, the importance of data and analytics in running a successful business cannot be overstated. Chainlane’s supply chain transparency platform helps companies realize more accurate data, generate insights into internal operations, and understand the health of your supply chain, which can help make informed decisions and improve bottom-line sales.

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of Supply Chain visibility and introduce a few of Chainlane’s unique benefits and how they benefit your business.

Why is supply chain transparency important?

Without real supply chain visibility, businesses operate blindly producing, promoting, and planning entire operations according to inaccurate estimations. And the gap between their estimated data and the real numbers is constantly growing. In other words, they suffer annual shrinkage which adds up to huge losses.

This lack of accurate data can be caused by various factors such as manual tracking, insufficient resources, or a failure to conduct accurate documentation.

When businesses operate blindly, they may be unable to identify supply chain inefficiencies or potential opportunities let alone realize how time-consuming gathering the data manually is, and they may struggle to remain competitive in their industry.

Therefore, it is essential for businesses to recognize the importance of accurate data and invest in the resources needed to collect, analyze, and act on this information.

Chainlane eliminates supply chain blind spots. This in turn allows for improved control and greater intelligence for better decision-making, helping businesses grow and succeed.

But, Chainlane goes beyond the standard, providing businesses with a range of unique benefits so that they can see more and succeed more.

Chainlane’s unique supply chain benefits

Smart Inventory management

Chainlane platform not only offers the ability to track items in real-time but gives you access to each item’s history. This means you can view the entire journey each item goes through, learn about the duration of each step, and see when and why delays occur.

Seeing each item's full story helps management make better decisions when it comes to their supply chain and hence reduce delays and shortages.

Generate EPC for GS1 and non-GS1 barcodes

Our team created a one-of-a-kind solution for generating Electronic Product Codes (EPCs) for both GS1 and non-GS1 barcode protocols. This innovative solution means that even if your business does not currently utilize GS1 barcodes, you can still benefit from EPC generation through Chainlane's unique barcodes. We call it Rcode. Chainlane's Rcode is extremely beneficial to Multi-brand retailers that need to track many different brands in one store.

Cloud printing

Together with one of our partners SATO, Chainlane offers a distinctive capability to print tags directly from the Chainlane cloud, without the requirement for an additional connected devices such as computers. This helps users effortlessly tag and print items directly from the Chainlane app.

Beyond just RFID

Chainlane system is tech-agnostic and makes use of various asset-tracking technologies including RFID, BLE, NFC, QR, Barcode, and more to offer clients the most cutting-edge solutions, allowing them to maximize their asset-tracking capabilities.

In addition, Chainlane’s platform is fully compatible with Wiliot’s smart tags , which not only provide businesses with information regarding the quantity and location of their inventory but also offer real-time status updates such as temperature. This enables businesses t monitor sensitive inventory items such as medication, food, and plants.

Digital Signage Experience

Digital signage refers to LED walls or video screens. By integrating with digital signage screens, Chainlane enables them to read tags and provide comprehensive information about the scanned item, creating a smart shopping experience for customers in-store.

All-inclusive Dashboard

Chainlane offers management-level visibility to all business locations through a single dashboard, allowing for a comprehensive view of the entire enterprise. By managing all locations on one screen, businesses can monitor each location's performance in real time. This capability helps identify and resolve issues promptly, resulting in overall improvement.

Chainlane tailored to your business

Chainlane's solution is designed to simplify your supply chain operations. We accomplish this by seamlessly integrating with your existing systems and working with (and combining) the technologies of your choice. This enables us to tailor a solution that perfectly matches your business needs.

To sum up, Chainlane's supply chain platform gives businesses a valuable set of tools for better supply chain management. By eliminating supply chain blind spots, offering smart inventory management, and a range of unique benefits, businesses can gain a comprehensive view of their operations and remain competitive in their industry.

With a tailored solution designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and technologies, Chainlane can help businesses simplify their management and achieve success.

Don't let supply chain inefficiencies hold your business back, schedule a demo with us today!