Why we rebranded to Chainlane

After years in the business, we've grown immensely: we’re bigger, smarter, and better!

We’ve expanded our platform’s capabilities and business offerings, helping overcome many more supply chain challenges for more industries across the globe. Our partner ecosystem is broader, allowing us to develop many more custom solutions for each organization and its specific needs and wishes.

In addition:

  • Beyond RFID tech alone, we now also support BLE, QR, Barcode, NFC, and more advanced technologies.
  • Our platform provides end-to-end visibility across the supply chain, which Chainlane helps us convey our innovative approach and robust offering.
  • We’ve extended our vertical reach to be more than fashion and retail, now also servicing manufacturing, food & beverage, logistics, and others.

Chainlane not only better reflects our platform’s capabilities and business offering, but our own company’s vision.  

rfkeeper to chainlane rebranding logo

What brand elements are changing

  • Our name
  • Our logo
  • Website and social channels

The Chainlane name and logo

The main and prominent change is our name, from RFKeeper to Chainlane. As mentioned before, our previous name dated back to the day when we were an RFID technology-only provider. Our new name, Chainlane, is here to reflect our new company vision, we are all in for Supply Chain transparency, we believe the more you see the more you succeed.

Our logo evokes our innovative supply chain technology, the circle within the ‘C’ represents an eye for vision and an item of inventory located within your supply chain.

What will not change after the rebrand

Our service and devotion to all our clients and partners.

We're constantly changing, so we can improve and better serve our clients in our offerings and support. We're extremely proud of the platform we've built and our global footprint, as well as our commitment to each and every one of our customers.

Our vision for Chainlane

Chainlane is the only supply chain transparency platform unlocking true visibility for every enterprise, helping them see more, so they succeed more.

Find out more about Chainlane

To get a better sense of Chainlane and its vision check out the links below:

Grow with us

We made it so far thanks to the continued support of our clients, partners, and our dedicated team. We invite you to join our journey!

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