Drones have been capturing significant attention over the past few years as an innovative tool unlike anything we've seen before. Currently, drones are primarily used for photography, surveillance, and intelligence. However, they are capable of much more, especially when integrated with other technologies such as RFID. In this blog post, we will explore the powerful combination of drones and RFID and discuss their remarkable capabilities in improving retail logistics and supply chains.

Why to Combine Drones with RFID

RFID is not a new technology and has been used in the retail industry for quite some time, primarily for inventory and asset management. Most RFID readers today are either handheld or fixed, but using drones can completely change the game. By combining drones with RFID, you gain both automatic and mobile scanning capabilities, allowing for a wider range of coverage without being limited to a single location.

The Benefits of Using Drones and RFID in Retail Logistics

If RFID was mind blowing for retail logistics and supply chains, drones could take it a step further by making many tasks even more automated and efficient. The combination offers the following benefits:

Improved inventory accuracy

Drones can make frequent rounds to count inventory on the sales floor, in the back room, distribution center, or warehouse. This ensures real-time stock monitoring and provides up-to-date records without requiring your staff to handle inventory checks. Additionally, RFID scanning is more accurate and less prone to human errors compared to manual counting or even barcode scanning.

Faster inventory checks and audits

Compared to a person who needs to walk the area to scan or count manually, drones can fly quickly, reaching high and low places with ease, ensuring all areas are covered swiftly. This is especially beneficial for large warehouses where many items are placed in high or hard-to-reach locations.

Better findability

RFID drones can easily navigate through an area, searching for and locating items more quickly than humans can. As a result, items are found faster and can be delivered to customers or dispatched for deliveries much more efficiently.

Reduced labor costs and human error

Investing in drones and technology for tedious tasks helps reduce the need for human staff and significantly lowers costs. This investment benefits both inventory counts and the picking process in warehouses and distribution centers.

Enhanced Security

Drones equipped with RFID technology can provide enhanced security by monitoring for unauthorized movement of goods. They can patrol large areas and quickly identify any discrepancies, ensuring that high-value items are kept secure and reducing the risk of theft or loss.

The integration of drones and RFID technology can improve retail logistics and supply chains. By combining the automation and mobility of drones with the precision and efficiency of RFID, businesses can achieve unmatched levels of inventory accuracy, speed, and cost savings. This powerful combination not only enhances real-time stock monitoring and inventory checks but also improves item findability and reduces labor costs and human error.