Retailers everywhere, of all sizes, are looking to build a repertoire with their customers that they have that special “wow factor” – to amaze their buyers through improving the shopping experience. This wow factor, or effect, is driven by excitement & admiration towards the experience of the brand. RFID is a growing contributor to developing strong experiences in the brick-&-mortar stores, which will be explored in this post.

Why should retailers pay attention to the wow factor?

With a shift to a tech world, habits & mindset, partially due to the pandemic, everything can be purchased online quickly & with ease. It has never been easier to compare different price points, colours, styles, sizes etc with abundance in availability on e-commerce sites. Despite that, the importance of physical stores still remains. We see that 84% of Gen Z see shopping as an opportunity to hang out, a fun social occasion.

To keep shoppers walking through the doors, retailers harness the “wow effect” – creating that fantastic shopping experience that customers long for.

Through experiential marketing tools, the wow-factor has an impact on improving consumer engagement, through creating a connection with a brand. This enjoyable experience increases the probability of a shopper to make a purchase, including repeat purchases. A strong experience in stores can translate into customer loyalty.

How to deliver on experience

Competitive pricing, free shipping, size availability & an easy to use website all help drive the customer experience online. To drive that same excitement & experience in stores, retailers can explore:

Store Aesthetics

A customer can purchase anything they need online with ease, what’s driving someone to step foot in-store is the experience of the purchase. There’s an emphasis on visually pleasing aesthetics, that resonate with your customers. They can be fun & colourful or minimal & peaceful, depending on the brand, the main concept is to create a world that is memorable & beautiful, inviting customers to come back & spread it by word-of-mouth.

Digital signage

Digital signage provides a futuristic vibe & targeted messaging with engaging visuals - immerse your customers in product information to convert store visitors into shoppers.

Smart fitting rooms

Following on from digital signage, smart fitting rooms or smart displays, provide similar benefits, & go beyond to act as a robotic personal shopper with recommendations, calling for a sales associate or requesting new styles. Being able to provide self-service capabilities is a huge step forward in improving the shopping experience, a recent study by HRC noted that 95% of consumers prefer to be left alone while shopping, unless they need special help.

Endless aisle

The endless aisle enabled through digital displays, kiosks, or mobile devices offer an extended range of products to customers beyond what is physically available in-store. Customers have access to a range of items available for purchase, beyond what is present in the store, driving revenue by increasing availability.

Quick checkout

52% of shoppers in the US feel frustrated waiting in like to pay, since most of us are rushed & would like to have a hassle-free shopping experience. Empowering your customers to pay at a pace they decide, through quick checkouts or self-checkouts can increase the customer experience whilst also reducing operational costs.

End to end wow with an efficient omnichannel

A large majority of customers begin their shopping journey before they enter a store, either by ingesting online ads or simply through searching for an item online. Similarly, they expect to have a streamline transition from the online to offline world, being able to purchase an item in person. The frustration that comes from being unable to purchase the item they came into the store for due to lack of stock visibility impacts a large majority of retailers & they have adapted by improving their click&collect, ship from store, home delivery or availability of nearby store locations.

In conclusion, engaging with your customers in your physical retail spaces is essential to stand out. While online shopping offers convenience, offline stores still have the advantage of providing a unique and enjoyable shopping experience. By focusing on the wow factor, retailers can enhance the shopping experience and foster customer loyalty.

Revolutionising the shopping experience can leave a lasting impression on customers, through a variety of tactics that drive customers to keep coming to the brand, whether that is online or in person. By focusing on experiential aspects, retailers can not only attract new customers but encourage repeat business, ultimately leading to long-term success and growth in the retail industry.