Chainlane is a supply chain platform aiming to accelerate the world’s transition towards smart, responsible, and profitable operations for every enterprise along with custom solutions to meet each company’s unique needs. In this blog post, we'll explore Chainlane’s distinctive features and take a closer look at the steps involved in the onboarding process.

Chainlane was created to resolve business supply chain challenges while combining leading technology, sensors, and partners. Its success has been demonstrated across various industries, including Retail, Food and Beverage, Logistics, Manufacturing, and more. Using Chainlane, businesses are able to gain greater visibility, track and maintain inventory more efficiently, and introduce innovative experiences to customers.

Among Chainlane’s solutions

Inventory Management

  • Full Inventory visibility
  • Quick and accurate tracking
  • Loss and theft reduction
  • Accurate shipments

Smart Maintenance

  • Track when and how each asset should be maintained
  • Check items’ status (temp, humidity, etc.) to meet regulations
  • Track work in progress (WIP) 
  • Returnable transport items (RTI) tracking


What to expect from Chainlane's onboarding

The onboarding process at Chainlane can be divided into three primary steps: solution design for the client, soft launch/pilot, and full deployment.

Step 1 – Solution design

Chainlane's onboarding first step is to plan and design a solution that meets the client's needs and expectations. During this stage, the team will carefully consider the client's vision, requirements, and limitations, and suggest a project plan accordingly.  After meeting with the client, both parties will agree on a High-Level Design (HLD), which will guide the execution of the implementation. 

As part of the planning process, we also assist clients in selecting and sourcing the necessary hardware, such as tags, hand readers, and fixed readers.

To ensure the project progresses smoothly, Chainlane provides clients with weekly meetings to review progress, adjust, and keep track of the project's status.

Throughout the entire process, our experts provide professional guidance and advice, ensuring the solution implemented is tailored to the client's specific needs. Companies can rest assured they are working with top experienced professionals in the industry, who will deliver the best results possible.

Step 2 - Training and pilot 

The next stage is the execution of the plan as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, which involves integrating the Chainlane's platform within the client's existing systems to keep business operations as expected.  

At this stage, certified training is also provided for key individuals involved, as well as the entire team. This ensures knowledge may be easily transferred even when employees join or leave the company with the help of tutorials, videos, manuals FAQs, etc. Moreover, Chainlane focuses greatly on a solution that is user-friendly and simple for anyone. 

Once the client is fully trained and prepared, we proceed to a "soft launch" or pilot phase, where the system is tested in one or a few locations before being launched across all locations. This enables both parties to identify any issues, test, adjust, and refine the system for the best outcomes.

Step 3 - Full deployment

Once the soft launch is successful, the solution is implemented across all locations. At this stage, the business is ready to operate independently, but our team remains available to support and assist if needed. We also welcome client feedback to help us continually improve and add more value for our clients. 

Chainlane takes pride in serving clients around the world, and we are pleased to offer great availability. Our clients often ask us, "When do you guys’ sleep?" because of our exceptional availability and dedication to supporting our client's success.  

In conclusion, Chainlane's onboarding process consists of three key stages. Firstly, solution design, during which the Chainlane team meticulously plans and customizes a solution to meet the client's specific requirements. Secondly, the soft launch/pilot phase, where Chainlane integrates the system with the client's existing infrastructure, provides training and conducts a pilot run. Lastly, in the third and final stage, the solution is deployed across all locations, and Chainlane is available to support to ensure a smooth transition and operations.

Ready to take your business's supply chain operations to the next level? Contact our Onboarding professionals to discover Chainlane's customized solutions and seamless onboarding process.